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    Dan is a full-time real estate agent who knows the inside and out of the home buying and selling transaction. His residential construction experience helped us numerous times throughout our home selling and subsequent home buying process. Also, Dan is realistic, reasonable and reliable which are three traits helpful to any real estate transaction.

    — Brian Howell


    For many, the buying and selling of a home is the largest and most important investment that they will encounter in their lifetime. To that end, it is important to have a knowledgeable, capable, and responsible agent that will act in your best interest at all times. Dan Couse is the professional that you need on your team to make the most of these life-changing transactions, and secure the peace of mind that you deserve in receiving the absolute best service that a realtor can offer.

    My wife, Mandy, and I had used another realtor for 2 months before listing with Dan Couse. We had a small handful of showings in that time, and spoke with her no more than 3 of 4 times after we signed paperwork – contact that was usually initiated by us. At the recommendation of a friend, I called Dan. From our first conversation, the difference in the quality of service that we received was nothing less than remarkable.

    Our first meeting with Dan was on New Year’s Day – a day that most people would take as a holiday. We got more from our meeting with him on that day than we got from our other realtor in two months. He was thoroughly prepared with information on the services that he provides and comparative sales in our area. The materials that he provided not only gave us a clear picture of what we could expect, but also helped us to arrive at an appropriate listing price – something that our previous realtor took no time to research. Dan then went on to aggressively market our home, producing an average of nearly a showing a day for about 40 days and 2 offers. He always followed up with the agents showing our home to afford us valuable feedback, and his communication with us was constant. Anytime that Dan had any new information – so did we.

    In looking for a new home, Dan was ready to immediately accommodate our needs. His expertise as a licensed contractor is a valuable asset when touring homes, as he can see beyond the walls and fixtures to protect your best interest. Similar to his efforts to help us determine an appropriate listing price for our home, he gathered hard data on the area that held our interest in order to help us determine what would be an appropriate offer for our house of choice.

    Mandy and I highly recommend Dan Couse as a Seller’s and Buyer’s agent with great enthusiasm. His ability to effectively communicate, market, and guide the processes involved in the buying and selling of our home has exceeded all expectations. His professionalism is paired with a genuine personal touch that cannot be learned, and he is truly a pleasure to work with.

    — Matt & Mandy Kruger


    My family relocated to the area for work and we were referred to Dan Couse by a coworker who had also recently relocated to the area. My situation was that I needed to move quickly, and get into a home to ensure that my family was taken care of.

    We contacted Dan and coordinated a trip to the area. We described the types of homes we were interested in and Dan setup an online house search tool was very informative and would email updates to us. It helped us get an understanding of the market and identify potential homes we wanted to see.

    During our visit to the area, Dan was very organized and accommodating, as we had our 2 young children with us. Dan had created a customized plan and map that listed several potential homes. During our trip he arranged all the appointments and efficiently organized the appointments as to optimize our time in the area. Even when a big snowstorm hit the area during our trip, Dan still ventured out with us to see houses.

    Not being familiar with the area or the style of homes in the area, we were a bit nervous about purchasing. Dan was very professional in providing area specific, pertinent information. (Local school info, potential resale trends, recent sales in area, current listings in the area, and property specific realtor/seller notes). Dan had a good eye for identifying problems in the houses (water damage, mold, bad neighborhoods, etc.) This information enabled us to make a better informed decision on our purchase.

    Dan was very patient as we worked through the process of choosing a home. What we originally “thought” we wanted was very different than what we really wanted. Dan’s expertise helped us refine our selection criteria, and avoid what could have been a disastrous purchase.

    After we put in an offer in on a home, Dan kept in continual contact with the other realtor/sellers to ensure a smooth closing. As we ended up putting in an offer on a short sale home, Dan was very helpful and realistic in navigating the stressful and complicated short sale process. During the closing process, there were some complications (due to the seller) and even though our closing was delayed (again due to the seller), Dan was right there with us helping the process along. Even when we considered walking away from the short sale due to the delay and starting over, Dan was ready and willing to start the process all over again. Fortunately, everything worked out and we closed on the house.

    Dan was also an excellent source for recommending contractors and vendors that could help us with almost any move-in or new home purchase need. We purchased kitchen appliances from a recommended vendor and it saved us thousands.

    We ended up purchasing a wonderful home. Every “must have” item that we described to Dan, we have in the house we purchased, and the home is much more than we could have imagined. We love the area and we feel that we found the perfect match to meet (and exceed) our needs.

    Dan Couse did and outstanding job and I would highly recommend him as a realtor.

    — Saia Uluave


    Dan is a very knowledgeable, honest, and hard-working real estate professional that has extensive experience not only in real estate, but also as a CPA, new home construction, and sales. He goes above and beyond his clients’ needs and wishes, and is a very personable and high-energy individual. Dan recently helped us to both sell our old home and purchase our new home. Inexperienced as we were with home selling/purchasing, Dan advised us every step of the way and made sure that we had the information we needed to make the best decision for our interest, not his. He was there to assist us when needed, and ensured that all transactions on both homes proceeded smoothly. Our Top 3 things to best describe Dan Couse are: “Expert, High Integrity, Personable”. We couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated and caring real estate professional with which to work! Thanks Dan, for all you’ve done!

    — Brandon & Rachel Stasieluk


    We enjoyed working with Dan because of his high energy and the feeling he was available to us “24/7”. He is a good listener, understands the market, and consulted us on getting our home in best position to sell. His detailed marketing program helped us dramatically in selling our home and made it efficient, effortless and in our best interests.

    Dan’s market knowledge and background of the builders in the metro area also made choosing our new home a pleasant experience.

    Dan’s demeanor brings some fun into the entire process… and his negotiating experience definitely comes to the forefront when working to get the best deal for us. Thanks.

    — Mike & Paula Cooper


    Dan was instrumental in seeing a very complex transaction through to closure. Without him, I definitely would not have gotten the deal done myself. Highly recommended.

    — Dylan & Liza Kunkel


    I have been active in the real estate industry in Kansas City since beginning by my Banking career in the mid-1980’s. I have been very involved with development and construction of countless new homes and subdivisions on the lending/financing side. During my career, I have met and worked with numerous residential real estate professionals (including Realtors, developers, homebuilders, etc).

    In all that time, I have met very few Realtors that can match Dan Couse in their professionalism or in their knowledge of the residential real estate market.

    I have personally worked with Dan on a few real estate properties. In addition, I have recommended Dan to friends and acquaintances that have followed up with me providing positive feedback on Dan’s performance.

    If you are in the market to either buy or sell a home and looking for a Realtor with in-depth, local market knowledge you should call Dan Couse.

    — Andy Cooper


    When we were interviewing realtors to sell our home, a neighbor that lived a block away urged us to talk to Dan Couse. From the moment he stepped in our home, we knew he was the Realtor for us. He had the energy, excitement and enthusiasm we were looking for in a Realtor! He had fresh ideas, seemed to really understand the market in our area, and was very open and honest and easy to talk to. After a detailed review of our home, he let us know exactly what we needed to do to sell our house quickly. He also connected us with his stager that put the right finishing touches on things before we went on the market. With Dan’s advice and guidance our house sold quickly with multiple offers (even in a challenging market). He was able to help us negotiate through the inspections and kept us informed all the way through to the closing (and even went over to our house to personally take care of something our contractor forgot to finish for the inspection items). It made our move from the Kansas City area much easier than we thought it would be. We only wish we could have used him to represent us to buy a house in St. Louis. If we move back to Kansas City our first call will be to Dan!

    Thank you for all your hard work and getting us to our new destination. We’re glad we called you!

    — Nate & Jennifer Hardin


    Dan was extremely prepared for our first meeting, as well as very honest and approachable. He was also extremely helpful by giving us ideas to improve the furniture layout/flow and appeal of our home from Day One. His extensive knowledge of the neighborhood and surrounding community to pass on to the Buyers/buyer’s agents was a huge bonus as well. Overall a great experience with Dan!

    — Rob & Katie Harrold


    We enlisted the help of Dan Couse as our realtor to sell our house and we were extremely happy with the efficient, professional manner in which he took care of our property. My husband was deployed to Iraq and I was living over 300 miles away in TN and Dan made the entire selling process easy and stress free. We completely trusted him to have our best interest at heart and he had a contract on our house in less than a month after listing. He did all the paperwork online and by fax and we closed on the house in 30 days with no incident. Dan was available to address our concerns and questions any time of the day/evening and any day of the week. We would recommend him to anyone interested in buying or selling a house in the Kansas City area. We will definitely look him up again should our paths bring us back to KS! Thanks a lot Dan for all your help we appreciate it.

    — Matt & Jeannie Machon


    We decided to relocate to the Kansas City area from Indianapolis in a short time frame, and we were in search of an awesome realtor. A friend of a friend recommended we speak with Dan Couse. We were picky about what we were looking for in a realtor, since we had to travel for our home search. We wanted someone who knew the area and market well, understood our top priorities, were flexible in the scheduling of our search, and could narrow our choices down to maximize our schedule. Additionally, we were not looking for a realtor that was just interested in making a sale to get a commission. We wanted an individual that had our best interests in mind, and was willing to analyze data, give us data to conduct our own analysis, and then negotiate on our behalf. Dan definitely met all of these requirements and surpassed our expectations. Even after the close, Dan has given the best recommendations on things such as home inspectors, painters, etc. We have made several cross country moves; it has been positive and refreshing to get someone so reliable. We cannot say enough good things about Dan. Not only did he help in regards to our home, but he recommended doctors, dentists, preschools, and more. Last but not least, we had a lag from when we closed to when our belongings arrive, and we did not remember to bring everything we needed for those two nights. Dan stopped by with anything we needed and then picked it back up when we were done with it. He really goes above and beyond the call of realtor duty. We’d be happy to talk to anyone about him.

    — Sam & Nicole Cain


    Couse, your name comes up all the time. I am not sure why, but it always does. It seems like you must know a lot of people out there. I know you spend a lot of time networking, and it must be paying off.

    When real estate comes up with friends, I make sure to let them know that I have worked with many realtors in the past, and even know quite a large group of other
    realtors too. Then I tell them that “my Realtor, Dan Couse, is different”.

    For one, Dan is a CPA. He also has a really good understanding of construction, so he is not going to waste my time on showing me a home if it has some construction

    Dan really knows the market inside and out. He can look at the houses and he understands the numbers really well. So, when I want to make an offer, he can help me
    know exactly how much to offer, and also what to do if the seller gives a certain counteroffer. Basically, he helps me understand “how much is too much” for that specific
    house … so that I don’t overpay. No one wants to overpay.

    What else can someone say about any other realtor ??? Maybe “he’s a nice guy”, or “she’s a nice lady”, and will “keep driving you around until you find a home “.

    Dan has some serious skills that set him apart. He is like a business owner, and so am I. I appreciate that he is a business person, and has a business background…
    including home-building. He really knows the business side of the real estate. If there is another realtor that is as good as Dan….I have never met them!

    Everything I have mentioned so far relates to Dan representing us on the purchase of our new home. He also did an incredible job as our listing agent on our old house. He
    even incurred some expenses out of his own pocket, not even knowing if our home would sell or not. He paid for a professional photographer and hired a professional home
    stager so that our house would really stand out the very best for pictures and for showings. We did not want to be messing around with endless showings and not get an
    offer. Dan lined us up with the things we needed most to maximize what we got for our house during that time in a tough market for sellers. He was there to represent our
    interests all the way through the inspections, the appraisal, and the closing.

    We have recommended Dan to our friends and family, and plan to keep doing the same. Dan continues to check in with us, and connect us with people
    in his network when we need anything at our house.

    — Mike & Tracy Miller


    True Professional
    That is what you are!

    Our Previous Experience Did Not Work Out. We had tried selling our home with a different experienced real estate agent that we had known for a long time. Even though we had showings, we just weren’t getting the right results.

    You ARE Different & Had Fresh, High-Impact Ideas ! At first, we were skeptical if you could really be that much different. Sure, you had experience in selling other homes in our South Johnson County area, but what could make you that different from the pack? Right away, you had some great fresh ideas that were tailored to maximizing the marketability of OUR home and OUR specific neighborhood so we would appeal to the right buyers. That was one big difference. And at first, we fought you a little bit on the time and money to make those adjustments, but now realize you knew what you were talking about. We appreciate that you were honest with us, and coached us on how big of an impact these changes might have. Your recommendations on how to price the house were also very well-supported with a nice report tailored to our home.

    Finishing Details & the Right People on Your Team ! You mentioned that our home was really well-taken care of and already very clean, which would be a big help (that alone did not get the job done before, but was a great start). What we really needed was the access to your team of experienced professionals, and your marketing efforts. Your stager and photographer helped us put the right finishing details on the house to be totally “Show-Ready”. The photos were well-done, which helped for all the internet marketing you do. That, along with your pro-active “coming soon” campaign resulted in us getting showings right out of the gate !

    Results ! We were excited and surprised after just being on the market a short period of time, you directed several interested buyers to our house. We even received an offer right away. Unfortunately that first offer did not work out to be as high as we wanted it to be. So, you just kept pushing on and working hard to find the right buyer for us.

    Kept working … FOR “US” ! We felt that during this process you were continually on OUR team, working hard for us to make sure that the right things happened, and you worked with us to get that next offer to where it needed to be. Then, you and your team stayed focused all the way to the end to make sure the closing happened, and happened on time.

    Thank You ! As our Realtor, you just knew the “right things to do”. We appreciate that, and hope that other families will give you and your team the chance to show them that you can get the job done at an extremely high level … just like you did for us!

    — Steve & Brenda Gaede


    You always have a great recommendation on “who to call” for anything we need at our home. We have appreciated that. This is why we have referred you our friends and family on multiple occasions. You have consistently gotten their homes sold fast, and our friends and family have said that you really knew your stuff and always do your homework! I remember how impressed Paula was when you met with them, without any commitments from them yet as to whether they were listing or not, you had put together a very comprehensive and detailed analysis for them. And of course, she was even more excited when they went with you as their Realtor, and you got their home sold quickly.

    I also make sure to let people know that you are also a builder, so you have all the right people to do anything at their house that they would ever need.

    — Dr. Mike & Laurie Greenfield


    We are so glad that we met you when we were relocating to the KC area with our family for work. You have so much knowledge about the market in the area we wanted to buy a home in. The thing that really impressed us was that you had a pre-planned strategy for us when we were going to make an offer on our home. You had the detailed analysis to know HOW MUCH to offer, and then even before submitting the offer, you knew where our first counter-offer should be, and also gave us the number that we should stay firm at, to try to not have to pay more than that. You told us that it was all based on how much the other houses in the area had been going for. It was such a relief for us, as it is for most people. It is the part that people loathe so much about buying a house…worrying how much to offer, and not wanting to pay too much for it. It is a potentially stressful time, but your process made it very easy. An additional note on that topic, when our son was going to make an offer on a house in Colorado, we wanted to use the same process to negotiate his house in Colorado because we really had liked how that worked. The way you work really puts your clients in a distinct advantage on the negotiating side. We appreciated that. AND yes, we are still loving our house, and really love our backyard too … just have not seen anything else like it ! Thanks again, because we appreciate all that you have done for us.

    — Brian & Sherri Horning


    The best recommendation that I have ever received was to work with Dan Couse when I was looking to buy my first house. My wife and I have continued to work with Dan over the last 6 years as we have sold my first house…

    — Brian & Stephanie Karnik


    We hired Dan Couse to sell our house and he exceeded our expectations every step along the way. To start, we put our house on the market the first time and he had 2 offers within 3 weeks, one of which was for over the asking price!

    — Mike & Keri Mooers